Aug 11, 2022 · Existing dining chair foam should be used as a guiding template. The dining chair foam needs to be covered in 4oz polyester wadding and then glued into place using a specialist spray adhesive. This can then be applied to the plywood seat using staples or glue. Fabric covers need to be stretched tight and then tacked to the underneath of the seat.. "/>

How to reupholster a chair without removing old fabric

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The paint provides excellent adhesion without rubbing off, cracking or peeling; all residual coatings must be removed from vinyl prior to application. From the Manufacturer. Rust-Oleum Fabric and Vinyl is a flexible coating that restores color on vinyl, simulated leather and some fabrics..

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Step 1: Dismantle the chair cushion. Take apart the seat cushion from the chair. This might require a screw driver. Use tools to remove staples/nails to remove the fabric and foam. My chair only had staples, and I was able to get them out by wedging a flat head screw driver and plyers. If nails are present, use this tool to get them out.

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